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by Jane Rowen & Nora Hawari

 Jane Rowen


Jane Rowen is making her film directorial debut with 'There's No Word for Us'. She's been studying acting and theatre her whole life, and has written many plays, award winning poems and a feature length screen play. This is the first short film she's written. After directing the one act play 'The Jewish Wife' by Bertolt Brecht, she found a new joy in directing, and knew she'd one day love to be at the helm of another important project. Taking everything she's learned in acting, writing, and directing, she is proud to be able to have put that experience into 'There's No Word for Us'. Jane is completely humbled and grateful for her talented and passionate Co-Director Nora Hawari joining her to pioneer this project.  




 Nora Hawari


Nora Hawari was drawn to the arts at the age of 7 when she accidentally stumbled into a musical rehearsal at summer camp. She's preformed in plays and musicals for about 10 years including leading roles in Macbeth, Once Upon a Mattress, Bye Bye Birdie, and Thoroughly Modern Millie. In 2014 she completed a 2 year Meisner program with Don Bloomfield and later joined his master class. In addition to Meisner, she's studied over 6 levels of improv at IO West and with the great Donavan Scott.

At 19, she created a production company called "The Dirty Laundry Co." and produced and starred in found theater shows, sketch comedy and a 10-episode web series called "Pre-Production" in 2017.

Last year she created, wrote, directed, and starred in her own web-pilot, "Yallah Habibi",  which has just kicked off its festival run. One of the most notable being The Tribeca Film Festival 2019, where it was apart of HBO's Creators Market. It's currently being pitched to different studios. Nora hopes to continue to produce her own original work and expand the representation for Arab American filmmakers.

 Evan Carver


Evan Carver is an Actor and the Co-Creator of 'There's No Word For Us'. With most of his experience studying acting, he worked closely with Jane Rowen to develop the emotional narrative of the film and its characters.  

Evan also has a keen eye for strategy and finance as a professional poker player, which lends a great deal of knowledge to his first foray into Executive Producing. 

 Joanna DeLane


Joanna DeLane is an actress and filmmaker of Native American and Spanish descent. She can be seen in various TV Shows including “Future Man” and “Saint George”, Commercials- one of which for Mayo Clinic is currently airing nationally, and Indie Films like “Rich for a Day” and “The Fifth of November”. As a producer, she has several projects currently in development as well as in festivals. These include “Yallah Habibi”, “Bedtime Story” and “Village of the Gramned”.  She and other actress friends, have created a platform and community for women filmmakers called “Ladies Above the Line". With plans to develop content driven by women and people of color, Joanna hopes to be the change we all want to see in front of, and behind, the camera.  



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